Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tool #5 Producing with Web 2.0 Tools!

I like the Wordle because it's creative and fun.  I think the kids would enjoy it because we'd normally not do it in math class.  It ties in the vocabulary to learning.

Animoto is fun to create videos for the kids.  I think it'll really jazz them up.  I created a couple of neat videos.

 Click HERE for video.

I think that the kids will like the short videos and the wordle will be fun for them to create artistically.  It'll be different for them.

Tool #4: Moving up to the Clouds

I created a document in Google Docs and it wasn't too hard. Math type would have helped a lot. Sending it to others was easy.

I created a brief survey on Algebra I for the geometry teachers to respond to.

I can see using the forms to get input from others. I can see the students taking a survey as well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool #3: Finding Online Video & Image Resources

Here's a video I found about graphing inequalities.  It's basic and simple and easy to follow.

This second video is a good one for simple exponents with integers.  I got both from YouTube and it's very user friendly.

As far as the copyright laws, I didn't know that information and I'm glad that now I do.  Educational uses are protected.  

We've used a drop box already during staff development.  It was easy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool #2 Bldg. Community in the Online Environment

I commented on 5 different blogs and found out that it was pretty easy.  I learned that Twitter can be a pretty useful tool and that we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I can see how participating in the online community could be very helpful.  I don't mind sharing my thoughts publicly, as long as it's mainly educators when we're talking about what works with kids, etc.  That wouldn't be appropriate for students.  I would like to fully understand Twitter in the future so I may have to spend some time there.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool #1

  1. Write a brief post about your experience to date. Did you find the experience fairly easy? Did you face any challenges? It was kind of hard to navigate around. Luckily I had someone to help me through. I know I would have been very frustrated without the help and would have given up. Going back and forth through the pages is hard.
  2. REGISTER YOUR BLOG with your campus librarian. Your librarian is your 11 Tools “project manager.” He/she will add your blog to your campus wiki and is available to help you move through the tools. Send your librarian an email with the following information:
        1. Your name: Lelia Culpepper
        2. Your campus: Memorial Sr. High
        3. Your blog's url (address) http://lculpepper.blogspot.com
        4. Your blog's title: CulpepperComments
        5. Your display name for your blog -- you selected this when you created your blog. It could be your name, your initials, an alias you created, or even the same as the title. CulpepperComments