Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tool #2 Bldg. Community in the Online Environment

I commented on 5 different blogs and found out that it was pretty easy.  I learned that Twitter can be a pretty useful tool and that we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I can see how participating in the online community could be very helpful.  I don't mind sharing my thoughts publicly, as long as it's mainly educators when we're talking about what works with kids, etc.  That wouldn't be appropriate for students.  I would like to fully understand Twitter in the future so I may have to spend some time there.


  1. Thanks for your help this morning. My 11 tools seems like it will be helpful in the future, but it is going to be a lot of learning and practice!

  2. I knew you would get the hang of it! Let me know how your Twitter experiment goes - I still haven't made the leap to tweet.