Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool #9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. If you don't tie in the technology to the objective, then all you're doing is keeping the kids busy and wasting valuable time.
2. Students have to be accountable because they have only a certain number of student minutes to use and they have to use them wisely, to beat a dead horse. They must take care to learn what the object is at their stations or everybody loses.
3. I looked at TenMarks and ManipulaMath. Ten Marks can easily be used to create bonus questions or review questions for the students. ManipulaMath was too difficult for my algebra students but it had some good geometry content. I could use them as stations for bonus or review questions. They would like it a lot. They could get part of their daily grade according to how they did on it.
4. I found many apps on the Ipad that I can use in the classroom. For reading class there is dragon lite where the kids read aloud and then it translates on to the Ipad. It would check them for pronunciation and fluency. I also found several math facts drilling websites. I could easily put them in as stations too and check their scores for daily grade points.
5. Last, the Ipad has a variety of uses, least of which is research. Any reading they do is good, so I might have them read about a certain topic and then report back to me, either in writing or verbally in front of the group to promote their correct diction and ensure understanding.

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